Martial Arts for 2-4year olds

Martial Arts for 2-4year olds

Our Monster Tots pre-school program is a unique class that teaches basic Martial Arts for 2-4year olds, with simple drills to help build their physical and mental development.

Parents are often encouraged to support their child throughout the class whether it be during games or hold pads to improve their striking skills.

The programme is designed to encourage the development in 2-4year olds by improving their:

  • Motor Skills
  • listening
  • Standing Still
  • Balance
  • Jumping
  • Throwing & Catching
  • Loads of FUN!

Our Monster Tots proramme is a little different compared to more traditional classes, but there is still a huge emphasis on students standing still, listening, following instructions and showing respect to their instruction & peers - this ensures we are starting a strong life-long foundation!

Lessons are taught in bite-size chunks, to make sure we have their attention for as long as possible. A typical 30min class will involve a quick 5min active warm-up, 2 or 3 short 5mins drills, along with a come of mini games and a quick stretch to finish off.

Theres lots of running around (to try and wear them out)!

Many of our games involved the children counting (in both English & Korean), recognising colours, letters and more

Our Monster Tots classes are Available in Yiewsley (UB7) - Contact us today to arrange a FREE Taster Session!