Martial Arts for 4-6year olds

Martial Arts for 4-6yr olds

Our Little Monster program is a unique class that teaches Martial Arts for 4-6year olds, they wear a unique green and black uniform which helps them feel part of a team – they love the fun and excitement that takes place in each class and parents love to see their children achieve physical and mental development. Parents are often invited to participate during class and work together with their child.

The programme is designed to encourage the development in 4-6year olds by improving their:

  • Motor Skills
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Mental Development

Unlike traditional martial arts, Little Monsters are not rewarded on their ability as they have plenty of time to work on this, but instead they are rewarded for good behaviour, effort and perseverance. At the end of each class, the children will be given a Little Monsters sticker to attach to their attendance card. When they have earnt 8 Monster Stickers they will be promoted and earn a Monster Stripe on their belt – this provides a great sense of achievement!

Throughout the programme children also learn a variety of Life Skills – at the end of each topic period, children will have to show they understand the skills, and in some cases basic homework is also provided – upon completion of each skill the children earn a Monster Badge to go onto their uniform. Examples of Monster Badges are Healthy Monster, Safe Monster, Honest Monster and Balancing Monster

Our Martial Arts for 4-6year olds is Available in Yiewsley (UB7) & Slough (SL2) - Contact us today to arrange a FREE Taster Session!